We are Insulation Contractors that can provide you with Spray Foam Insulation and Blown-In Insulation.

Closed Cell Insulation

When searching Erie Pa Spray Foam search Spray Foam Solutions Of Erie. For maximum thermal efficiency and air sealing, Spray Foam Solutions installs a closed cell foam with an effective R-Value of R-7 per inch. Closed cell foam is the highest performing insulation available because it seals air infiltration, has the highest R-Value available and is resistant to moisture movement. Closed cell foam can be sprayed almost anywhere including under a roof deck in cathedral ceilings, on concrete and in wall cavities.

Open Cell Insulation

Affordable half-pound open cell foam has an effective R-Value of 3.7 per inch. This product is more breathable to vapor diffusion, therefore will not entrap moisture. However Half pound foam has superior air sealing properties and costs much less than closed cell foams. A vapor barrier may or may not be needed with the use of Half pound foam. Half pound foam is sprayed in between the wall studs and expands to fill each cavity. After the cavity is full, the foam is cut flush with the studs, then it is ready for drywall or other finishings.

Half pound foam’s semi-open cell structure performs by absorbing sound waves. It is applied in-between walls of adjacent rooms to create sound absorption. Perfect for loud media rooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms or under floors of multi level buildings.

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